To promote your sale, you should have an abundance of these. With well of 100 shapes styles and sizes our red and white rage of  point of sale posters and cards will make sure your customers know your having a sale. Our range includes both non reusable and laminated reusable price tickets ranging from A8 to 1000 x 750mm. We also have a colourful range of die cut shapes, banners and printed balloons. These retail P.O.S items will really make your store pop.


Promotional posters should be:
Considered - are you having a theme based sale (Mother's Day, Stocktaking Sale etc) or a general "SALE"?
Fresh - tatty, worn out posters from last year's sale might save you money but it conveys a poor message to your customer
Displayed for a limited time - the "never ending sale" so prevalent with some retailers is a waste of time. Customers aren't stupid, they soon realise you're don't mean it and they'll just walk away. Put posters up for a brief time (2 or 3 weeks) then get them down quickly for maximum impact at the cash register

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