Light and movement always attract attention and in this category you'll find a number of items that do just that. Our low cost LED scrolling message signs are easy to program and are a cost effective way to grab your customers attention and show several messages at a time. Programmable LED signs are a great alternative to standard cardboard point of sale signs. If you are looking for a flashing open sign or one that tells your customers you sell coffee then we can help.


  • Flashing LED signs


    LED flashing message signs will get the message across quickly to passers by. These flashing LED signs are bright, attractive and economical to buy and use. A standard power point s all you need to let your customers know your in business.

  • Programmable LED signs


    Our programmable LED scrolling message signs can really grab your customers attention. These LED scrolling signs let you create messages that flash, pop up, scroll right, freeze and much more. You can store up to 16 messages at a time and changing the message is as easy as plugging in a USB stick. No need to take your LED signs down to change the message, just plug the included USB stick in to your computer type in your messages and plug it back in to the LED sign. they are very bright ...even in daylight. We have a number of sizes of boards in a variety of colours available.



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