We carry an extensive range of Brother adn Dymo labellers, cartridge tapes and computer label printers. If you need to label food tickets, folders, food products or just organise your office we can help with Brother or Dymo labellers. We also carry a great range of blank badges or DIY badges for schools, retail stores and supermarkets. If you need lanyards or want to make your own badges then you are on the right page.


  • Brother labellers


    Get organised quickly and easily at work and at home with Brother’s P-Touch range of electronic labellers. Brother Labels are ideal when needing to label files, food tickets or even shelf pricing. The Brother P-Touch range of labellers allow you to create professional, long-lasting and durable labels that are resistant to marks, rips, tears and water. Quick an easy to use, Brother P-Touch labels are a great way to communicate with your customers and organise your home or work environment. Whether you're a supermarket, retail store, government office, or football club, with a large range of printers and many coloured tapes available I'm sure we have something to help you with your labelling needs.

  • Brother computer label printers


    Here you will find a range of the unique Brother “QL” computer connected printers. You can design and print a single label in seconds using these wonderful machines. Create labels quickly and efficiently with Brother’s new Professional label printers. Offering excellent versatility, they can print a variety of label formats at speeds of up to 68 labels per minute. if you need barcodes, address labels or packaging labels then the Brother computer label printers are the way to go. If you produce and package your own products, deliver packed goods to customers or need a labelling system that doesn't require ink cartages and bulking printers than look no further.

  • Brother TZe labels


    Here you will find our great range of Brother TZ-e labels. These labels provide a quick and easy solution for getting organised at home, school or the office. Used together with our P-Touch labellers, Brother TZ-e labels are perfect for creating signs, shelf tags, name badges, food tickets or pretty much anything that requires labelling. Resistant to water, smudges, stains, streaks, marks, rips, fading and peeling, Brother TZ-e labels are incredibly versatile and will stand up to the toughest treatment. And since they adhere to almost any surface, they can be used practically everywhere, even around the garden. Temperature Resistance, water proof, fade resistance, these are just a few of the Brother P-Touch labels benefits. With just a Brother P-Touch labeller and a TZ-e label, you can label anything.

  • Brother DK labels


    Brothers DK labels are very versatile with a wide range of options depending on your labelling needs. The DK labels are available in paper labels, film labels and removable labels. Designed to be used with the Brother computer label printers, Brother DK labels are available in several different sizes and styles up to 30m long. With no need for any form of ink cartage the DK labels are easy to use and offers its users the convenience of using both die-cut (pre-cut) and continuous length tapes.

  • DIY badge machines & badges


    Our DIY badges are very popular amongst Schools, daycares, and organisations such as the Scouts. Here you will find all the components needed to make your own badges including pinback and magnetic badge parts. All the parts shown in this section suit the Australian made Badge-A-Minit badge machines. We offer a hire service for the badge machines or you can purchase the Badge-A-Minit badge machines here.

  • Blank name badges


    We have a range of blank name badges that allow you to produce professional looking name tags at a budget price. With the help of our Brother labellers you can easily apply your printed name to the blank name badge. From gold coloured two line name badges to pin and clip badge fittings we have everything you need to make your name tags

  • Lanyards & ID holders


    ID card holders and lanyards are commonly required for conventions, exhibitions, promotions and security. Here you will find our range of coloured and retractable lanyards as well as our clear plastic PVC ID pockets. With strong grip alligator clips our standard coloured lanyards will hold the plastic ID card holders securely in place.

  • DYMO Label Printers

    DYMO Label makers and Printers help you print faster. Whatever size your label project is you can get it all done with DYMO label Makers and Printers

  • DYMO Labels


    DYMO Labels are durable, affordable and simply make your office, home or workplace look professional.


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