Bag neck sealers, double sided tape, magnetic tape and string handled carry bags are just a few of the great packaging and dispensing products we carry.  Supermarkets and retailers will love our brown paper bags, produce bags and carry bag dispensers. If you need adhesive tapes or velcro to create your visual merchandising master pieces then you have come to the right page.


  • Cutting Tools


    Here you will find items to help safely cut through your packaging, cut up boxes and cut through bauble wrap.

  • Adhesive tapes & dispensers


    If you need to stick it down, stick it on or stick it up then you are in the right place. We stock a number of adhesive, magnetic and Velcro style tapes to suit a wide range of merchandising and packaging applications. from heavy duty, strong adhesive gaffe tape to removable gel dots (SQOTS) that leave no mark, I'm sure we will have something to suit your needs.

  • Bags


    Here you will find a range of both plastic and paper bags to suit your retail needs. Our range of paper string handled carry bags come in both brown and white and are available in a few different sizes. Our plastic produce bags and singlet carry bags are a must have for any supermarket or fresh fruit and veg shop. All are bags are strong and sturdy enough to handle the job they were made for.

  • Bag dispensers


    If you have shopping bags, carry bags or produce bags then you may need bag dispensers. A must have for any supermarket, Fruit and veg store or anyone in the retail food industry. We have a selection of produce bag dispensers designed to be attached to walls, floors and counters. All our bag dispensers are made from durable tough metals.


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