If you need a way to display bulk items then display bins and dump bins are the way to go. We carry multiple basket wire dump bins, collapsible wire dump bins and easy to assemble cardboard dump bins and impulse display stands. Wire and cardboard display bins are always in demand and a great product to have to help promote your impulse sale items. Made from wire mesh and white cardboard we have the dump bin for you. To really create an eye catching display why not use cardboard lattice for your point of sale display. A favourite with supermarkets and visual merchandisers, cardboard lattice makes a great background for putting up POS posters and hanging signs from.


  • Wire dump bins


    If you need steel wire mesh display dump bins then you are in the right place. We carry a large variety of wire display dump bins, from light weight foldable wire mesh dump bins with adjustable bases to large multi tiered basket dump bins. Many of our wire dump bins have wheels to easily move them around. Whether you need a permanent display or just want to put some impulse display bins around your store, we can help.

  • Cardboard dump bins


    Cardboard display bins or dump bins are a low cost alternative for your merchandising needs and are ideal for both large or small promotional campaigns. Cardboard dump bins and impulse bins are light weight yet strong and sturdy. They come flat packed and are very easy to assemble. Dump bins are a great way to display impulse items and many cardboard dump bins when correctly merchandised can really help create hype and excitement within your store, try it with your next sale. If you need a large quantity of printed dump bins let us know and we can work out a quote.

  • Cardboard lattice


    Cardboard lattice is a handy tool for any visual merchandiser. If you don't have a stable or large enough back ground use cardboard lattice. Great for stapling or sticking posters to or a great way to cover up drab walls or shelving that you can then decorate.


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