Here you will find pegboard hooks, slatwall hooks plus a large range of specific application display hooks for displaying your products. You will also find in this section, a number of very useful display hook accessories, such as flipper ticket holders for your price tickets and inventory control clips. Many of our hooks come in different lengths such as 150mm, 230mm and 300mm and even in different thicknesses for heavy duty use.


  • Standard display hooks


    In this section you'll find a great choice of the traditional single prong, and double loop pegboard and slat wall hooks. All our hooks carry a high chrome finish so they'll look smart and professional. Our single prong hooks are available in 100mm, 150mm and 200mm long and come in a lightweight and heavy duty version. Single hooks are handy if your stock is individually priced or price labels sit under the hook and don't need a price label on the hook.

  • Flipper display hooks


    Flipper hooks are now the industry standard for hanging and pricing stock on slatwalls and pegboard. A free swinging plastic label holder (The flipper) sits on the top bar of the flipper hook, this is where your shelf ticketing sits while the bottom bar hold all the stock. A very neat way to display both price and product, flipper hooks save a lot of time not having to individually price each item on the hook. All our flipper hooks are chrome plated steel hooks designed to last. If you want your hanging stock to be well displayed and easily labeled for your customers convenience then flipper hooks can help.

  • Fastback display hooks


    Fastback Pegboard hooks are a uniquely designed display hook that work well on a densely populated board. Fastback hooks comprise of a steel hook and a plastic fitting that can be put on pegboard, slatwall or wire mesh. Fastbacks are quick to install and useful when moving  products around on a fully stocked pegboard display.

  • Plastic display hooks


    If you need small hooks, (50mm to 100mm) you may find our plastic pegboard and clip on hooks useful. These little plastic hooks are handy when merchandising small areas or displays. If you have a cardboard or corflute display that you wish to hang stock off, the clip on plastic hooks may just work for you.

  • Flipper ticket holders & accessories


    Here you will find all the accessories needed to make sure your hanging displays are merchandised correctly. Make sure your products are clearly labelled with our range of clear flipper ticket holders that sit on the end of the flipper hooks. If your stock is always getting pushed to the back of the hook maybe you need inventory control clips. These clips are designed to hold your stock in place, makeing sure your hooks always look full. If you want to hang expensive items on hooks that you want to keep secure then the security lock for double loop pegboard hooks can help. This item simply fits over the end of the double loop pegboard making it very difficult to remove the stock without the key.



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