Budget Priced Anti Fatigue Mat



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Budget Priced Anti Fatigue Mat

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$77.00 Inc GST

• Budget priced anti fatigue mat

• Material: blown vinyl

• Size: 1000 x 900mm

• Thickness: 12.5mm

• Colour: black

Anti fatigue mats are designed to absorb impact and rebound thereby reducing leg pressures and strains. They do as their name suggests ... reduce fatigue in the body. This budget priced anti fatigue mat has been designed for customers looking for a practical solution with 'economical comfort'.

The surface of this anti fatigue mat has a textured finish and the mat itself, a slight spongy feel to it . This mat will reduce floor hardness by up to 50% and is ideal for those people on their feet all day whether it be behind a counter, lecturing a class, cooking etc.  Two of the sides are tapered down slightly whilst the other 2 sides are straight. This mat will suit light commercial / retail applications however where there is a lot of traffic, or a more harsh environment, look at our other anti fatigue mat ..the Deluxe Anti Fatigue Mat.      



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