Pod Relay to make your fruit and veg stand out from the crowd!

Pod Relay to make your fruit and veg stand out from the crowd!

The purpose of such visual merchandising is to attract, engage, and motivate the customer towards making a purchase. Our "pods" available in black, woodgrain and dark stain, featuring a removable clear front are great for displaying fresh produce at a height which can be seen as soon as you enter any store. With this unique staggering effect, this pod relay has becoming a trend for fruit and veg display for 2020.

The hook on the back of each tub allows you latch your tub securely to the back of your displays or alternatively, the back hook can be used to ramp up the tub. If you would like to display two different products – or two colours of the same product – in the one tub, you can use one of the custom divider runs lengthways from front to back, splitting the tub into two equal halves.

As all fridges come in different sizes we will need exact measurements to help you work out how many pods you need per bay. We also have sales representatives that are always happy to come out and see you and arrange your display for you. 

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