Scrolling LED Message Board Size 3 Green



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Scrolling LED Message Board Size 3 Green

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$890.00 Inc GST

• Super bright LED Scrolling message board

• Indoor use only

• Colour: GREEN

• Stylish aluminium case with chain for hanging

• Overall size: 1000 x 190mm

• Thickness: 50mm

• Maximum character height: 135mm (1 line) / 65mm (2 line)

• Letters per line (visible at one time): 12 (1 line) / 16 (2 line)

• "Suncaps" on each LED to enhance visibility during daylight hours

• Effects: Scroll left / scroll right / freeze / pop up / drop down / blinds / belt light / controlled pause

• Can store up to 16 messages

• Total memory capacity: 500 characters

• Will work continuously for over 50,000 hours (approximately 6 years)

• Supplied with power supply (AC adaptor), USB cable and handyLED software program

• Warranty: 2 years

The handyLED range of scrolling message boards by their nature, attract attention. These low cost signs have a terrific advantage over static signs by virtue of the fact that movement attracts people ... it's almost an addiction!

LED light technology has advanced to a point where these lights are very, very bright even in daylight (traffic lights are now being switched over to LED's) as well, the LED's used in our signs have individual "sun caps" over each light to make them more visible.

The setup for the lights is relatively simple whereby the handyLED software program is loaded onto a computer and the messages are then entered as you want them to be seen. A USB cable (provided) is then connected to the handyLED and the message is downloaded after which the cable is disconnected. The memory in the light is non-volatile meaning even when you switch the light off, the same message will be there next time you switch it on.

These signs are for indoor use only and are used by a wide range of retailers. We have supermarkets who use a number of them in-store for example, they have them in their produce section for highlighting specials. Some retailers use them inside their front window to attract customers passing by.

Apart from retail, we also have industry and commercial groups using them. Workshops use them to display safety messages. Sporting clubs use them in their club house to advertise upcoming events. We have companies using them for a temporary shopping centre promotion and even medical centres who use them to indicate their opening hours.

handyLED scrolling message boards are very versatile, simple to use and inexpensive to run and we can provide full support if required either in person, on the phone or over the internet. See our "Learn About LED Scrolling Message Boards" section for more detailed information, or go to our You Tube page to see the lights in action.


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