Imagine YOU… Winning a Holiday Home on the Beautiful Gold Coast valued at $500,000!!!

Read on to discover how you could enter the draw for the chance to WIN a holiday home on the Gold Coast or $500,000 cash!!!

(Or at the very least a business-changing Blazon Displays Merchandising Makeover valued at $10,000! Keep reading for all the details…)

As you can see we've got one hell of a competition. Why would we do this?

Let me explain…

The most expensive and difficult thing any business does is get a client. We have to pay to market and to track them, build trust and then convert them into clients. Here at Blazon Displays we’re in a growth phase right now and have a few CHOICES when it comes to how we spend our advertising/new client growth dollars…

  •          We could be nice and traditional with an ad in the newspaper – did you know it costs $10,154.25 for a half page ad in The West Australian… ouch! Yes, just one ad on one day and then its gone!!
  •          We could give it to Mr Google for an AdWords campaign but he’s already worth $120.9+ BILLION and doesn’t need any more
  •          We could be even more hip and give it to Facebook for their ads, but Mark Zuckerberg is worth a cool $64.3+ billion which seems enough for now. And besides, there is no guarantee that will work.


We could grow our business by taking our advertising budget and running a competition to thank our loyal clients like you, with the chance to win either…

A $500,000 Holiday Home on the Gold Coast


$500,000 in cash!!!

Or at the very least a business-changing Blazon Displays Merchandising Makeover valued at $10,000!

Here is how you can get entry tickets in the draw and improve your chances of a big win!

Easy… purchase merchandising/point of sale materials from Blazon Displays and you go in the draw on this basis:

Spend with Blazon Displays

And You Receive


1 ticket in the draw


5 tickets in the draw


10 tickets in the draw


25 tickets in the draw


How simple is that? And yes, you are rewarded with more tickets in the draw the more you spend and the more often you spend. Place an order as often as you like, anything over $100 in value and you get more entries every time! Talk about a win-win!!!

Here’s a quick explanation of how it all works. There are two separate barrels…

Barrel #1 contains all the tickets from everyone who has entered.

Barrel #2 contains 1,000 envelopes… 999 of these containing the $10,000 Blazon Displays Merchandising Makeover and 1 envelope contains the holiday home on the Gold Coast valued at $500,000!!!

So… if your name gets selected from the first barrel you then have a 1 in 1,000 chance to win the Gold Coast home, or if you’d prefer, you can opt for $500,000 cash – your choice!!!


After all, your chances of winning lotto in Australia are 1 in 45,379,620. If you are wondering… Yes, this is 100% legal and complies with all Racing & Gaming regulations. To view full terms and conditions go to:

The competition opened on 14/05/18 and closes on the 13/05/19. The draw will take place on Friday 31/05/19 – exact location and times to be confirmed.


Last thing… And a quick reminder why retailers love their Blazon Displays experience:

Huge choice – we carry 2,400+ product lines geared specifically towards the display business

Trust – we’ve been around since 1985, so you know you can rely on us to deliver!

Confidence – see everything before you buy in our large showroom at 2/15 Boag Rd Morley, near the Perth CBD

Variety – choose from generic products or have yours custom made

You can win – yes, thanks to this promotion, you be in the draw for the chance to WIN a $500,000 Gold Coast holiday home or $500,000 cash… or at least a business-changing Blazon Displays Merchandising Makeover valued at $10,000

So go ahead, make this year one to remember in business, join the competition and you might even impress your family and friends by WINNING BIG!!

In appreciation and warm regards,


Peter Paice – Owner, Blazon Displays

P.S. You could soon enjoy holidays on the Gold Coast in your own home or claim $500,000 in cash – but you have to be in the win to get the chance – purchase your display materials through us – starting at just $100 worth of items - and you’re in the draw!!! To view full terms and conditions go to:

P.P.S. Entry is open to anyone with a WA address over the age of 18 who have made purchases from Blazon Displays, as of the date of entry, who has fulfilled the requirements set out in the terms and conditions.



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