? Tiered plastic deli cabinet unit

? 3 step unit

? Colour: black

? Holes on each level to increase air flow within a refrigerated cabinet

? Made from 1.5mm ABS plastic

? Overall size: 800mm (front to back) x 600mm (wide)

? Step depth: 250mm

This tiered unit is designed for deli and meat cabinets to present products in an attractive and appealing way to customers. It is made from tough ABS plastic and is designed to maximise air flow around a refrigerated cabinet by a series of circular holes on each step.

This tiered (stepped) unit has been designed to sit on flat refrigerated cabinet floors that are flat but are sloping up (from front to back). When used like this, the tiered can simply be layed onto the cabinet floor. It can however also be used on flat (horizontal) cabinet floors however the unit needs to be "dummied" up to a rear height of approximately 200mm.

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