? Attractive and functional way to price produce displays

? Combines clear plastic pockets with printed inserts

? Overall pocket size: 220 x 160mm

? Images of produce are actual photographs and are laminated for extra protection

? Kit contains: 60 x PVC pockets / 100 x photo product names / 185 x pricing number inserts / 70 x unit of measure inserts / storage box / 10 x blank product name inserts

This practical system involves product headers and number inserts that fit into segmented sections of a clear plastic pocket.  As pricing tends to be quite dynamic in a retail produce store, it's essential that number changes can be done quickly. With this system, plastic numbers (printed red on white plastic) can be inserted, or withdrawn, from the plastic pocket very easily and quickly.

The kit contains 100 of the most popular product names and the kit includes spare blank generic product name inserts that can be labelled to suit.

Attaching the pockets to a display is done by way of ticket rings, POS Grip fasteners or Hook and Loop fasteners.

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