Mini Chalk Art Produce Ticket Set



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Mini Chalk Art Produce Ticket Set

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$875.00 Inc GST

• Complete kit for pricing small produce displays

• 50 mounting plates

• 567 product name inserts

• 103 nutritional infomation inserts

• 70 promotional inserts

• 180 units of measure

• 100 attachment clips

The Mini Chalk Art Produce Ticket Set is a comprehensive yet simple way of ticketing retail fruit and vegetable displays. The beauty of this system is that it's made specifically for Australian retailers and all product names included in the kit are commonly used ones right across the country. As well, the kit is made completely of plastic so water from sprayers or misters won't affect them.

The tickets of the Mini Chalk Art Set are physically small – 170 x 70mm. They are designed specifically for use on small displays rather than for use on large dump bins. They are perfect for use on racking or on shelving in multi decked refrigeration cabinets where the close proximity of shelves and products precludes the use of larger format ticketing.


Product names in the kit are printed in an attractive “chalkboard” style print, accompanied, in most cases, by a stylised image of the associated product. The ticket plate itself is multi-channelled into which the product names, and all other components, are slid. On the back of the ticket plate is provision to hold small plastic clips used to hold the ticket onto a fixture.

Price changes are very simple. A “pivot pricer” module is included with each ticket and with this, parts of the digit are pivoted to give the desired price.

This pricing method is simple to use, visually attractive and allows for quick price changes.

As the name implies, the ticket set is supplied as a complete kit (separate components are available as well if required). The full list of components can be seen in the attached file:

The important component of the kit (from a retailer's perspective) is the make up of the product names. The Mini Chalk Art Set includes 567 product names inserts as well as a number of blank strips for the odd name that may be missing from the kit.

This figure of 567 names refers to the total number of inserts however within this, there are multiples of many of the popular product names to allow for dual location within a store. Within the 567, there are 318 different product names and as was said earlier, this list has been synthesised over many years working with produce retailers right across the country and is very comprehensive. The complete list of product names can be seen in this attached file:

Included in the kit are a number of insert panels that contain nutritional information about a number of included products. There are also some of these panels blank should you wish to create your own information panels.

There are a number of panels included in the kit that are for promotional purpose. They are typically printed in bright colours to highlight the promotion of a particular product. Two styles are included:

• square panels for the front of a ticket
• strip panels for the top of a ticket. These sit in the clips on the back of the ticket

There are two sizes of clip included in the kit to account for most types of fixtures. The clips reside in the rear top of the tickets and can be rotated to display the ticket at a variety of angles.

Small inserts that define the sales unit of the product the ticket is describing. Six different units of measure with the 80 of the most used (kg) included in the kit.

These strips slide into the bottom of the ticket to display the country of origin of the product. The bulk of theses inserts say “Product Of Australia”, but also included are blank strips that one can label with, for example, an electronic labeller to show the product's origin.



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