We carry a massive range of Stickers and adhesive labels, from shelf talkers and shelf wobblers, to sales and reduced stickers you wont be stuck for choice. If your a deli, restaurant or cafe who needs days of the week labels, we can help. If your a Supermarket or petrol station and want discount or reduced labels, we have them. If your a retail store needing sales stickers you will find them here.


  • Adhesive shelf talkers & wobblers


    Need to promote a product on your shelves? Have a look at our selection of promotional shelf wobblers and shelf talkers. These easy to use point of sales tickets are a great way to attract you customers attention. Our range of colourful shelf talkers include "New lines" "Was & Now" and "Reduced to clear". Both our shelf talkers and shelf wobblers have adhesive tabs on the back for easy attachment to shelves.

  • Sales & reduced labels


    A specialised range of adhesive labels designed for discounting products for quick sale. We carry a range of red and white sales stickers as well as bright fluoro discount stickers. A quick as easy way to price individual products that are on sale or clearance. Very popular with the food sector such as supermarkets and bakers as well as general retail stores.


  • Food labelling


    If you're serving fresh food, having “day” labels is mandatory. Our colour coded day of the week labels are used widely by restaurants, commercial kitchens and supermarkets and other food vendors in Australia. Make sure you know how fresh your food is by correctly labelling them with a day dot label the day they are made. Another very popular food label used by supermarket groups is the discount price labels with bar codes. A very easy way to mark down food getting close to its use by or best before date. Essential for supermarkets, bakeries and butchers.

  • Static cling signs


    If you would like to dress up your glass deli or butchers cabinet, or perhaps a hot food Bain Marie with a glass front then static cling signs will do the trick. Static cling decals are a popular material used for graphic displays. Static cling is made from a thin vinyl film that clings to various surfaces. Typically, they are displayed on glass. However, they can also be displayed on smooth plastic or metal. Whether you sell fish or want everyone to know your food is hot, we can help with our range of static cling displays


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