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With a massive selection of red and white retail point of sale posters to chooe from, I'm sure you will find what you need. Our retail posters are available in several different sizes from mini posters 120mm x 750mm up to 1500 x 500. All our point of sale posters are printed on high quality gloss poster paper and are ideal for those big sales events. When organising your posters don't forget to look at our balloons, flags and retail sign cards to really finish off your point of sale display.




Retail posters are a way of conveying that you are having a promotion to your customers.
Promotional posters should be:
ƒ?› Considered - are you having a theme based sale (Mother's Day, Stocktaking Sale etc) or a general "SALE"?
ƒ?› Contrasting - don't try to be an interior decorator with your posters. Few retailers choose red as their primary store colour hence our posters should stand out.
ƒ?› Fresh - tatty, worn out posters from last year's sale might save you money but it conveys a poor message to your customer
ƒ?› Displayed for a limited time - the "never ending sale" Customers will soon realise you're don't mean it and they'll just walk away. Put posters up for a brief time (2 or 3 weeks) then get them down quickly for maximum impact at the cash register.

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