Custom Displays

Custom made cardboard dump bin displays

Quite often we find that manufacturers, wholesalers or distributors need more than a generic cardboard bin, they want a display that makes their product stand out ... one that will help to increase the impulse buy of that product at the point of purchase.

The problem we also find is that those same manufacturers, wholesalers or distributors are told that production of customised display bins needs to be done in the 1,000's to make it economically viiable and hence are quoted exhorbitant prices when wanting only a few hundred units.

Our custom print dump bins

HB Displays can now offer a quality custom designed and printed display bin for any application in supermarkets, pharmacies, hardware and other retail outlets.

The main criteria for a company looking at purchasing this style of bin is that:
• It won't break the advertising budget
• The display bin looks professional
• The display is easy to assemble
• The display must have impact!

Achieving these criteria is now possible and we are pleased to be able to offer this service to our customers. In doing this, we would follow the following steps:
• Assistance with the initial concept - what shape, what will be printed on it, are there any restrictions imposed by retailers that need to be considered etc
• An initial blank design will be drawn up for consideration
• Upon acceptance, a "knife drawing" will be designed for text and graphic layout
• A full 3D model will then be drawn up to show the final design
• A sample will be produced for final evaluation
• Production will then commence.

We know there is strong demand for this type of POP display in Australia and we are pleased to be able to offer this service and we look forward to you contacting us to discuss your requirements.

custom printed dump bin


Custom made acrylic displays


If you have a product to display but cant find the right solution, you just might need a custom made display. Acrylic comes in many colours and is the perfect product to shape, bend and cut into the best fitting display for your needs. Our manufacturers can custom-make to your specific requirements utilising  years of experience in the plastic fabrication industry. If you have an idea about what sort of stand or display you need or even better a drawing with dimensions we can get a quote to you very quickly. If you need a little help with your design we welcome you to have a chat with one of our consultants and together we can create the perfect display for you. Whether you need a one off display or 10000 units we can help.


Acrylic display stand


some Acrylic display ideas                     


  • Literature / Leaflet Holder displays
  • Display Cubes                            
  • Acrylic Display cabinets
  • Countertop display stands
  • Clear Poster Displays
  • Bulk Food Displays
  • Confectionary Bins
  • Restaurant Table Top Displays
  • Slatwall Displays
  • Jewellery Displays
  • Tiered refrigerator displays