Clearly outlining your store, or company policies are necessary in today's world and you're bound to find the type of sign you're after. We carry signs made from economical plastic and stickers through to durable stainless steel, and don't forget to look at our range of “no smoking” stickers and signs as well. Our range of policy and directional signs covers everything from conditions of entry to toilets. whether your a chemist, supermarket restaurant or hotel we have a sign for you.


  • Plastic policy signs


    Here you will find over 50 different plastic policy and direction signs. Printed on hardwearing plastic, these economical plastic signs are just the thing to get the message across. From "Air conditioned please enter" to "No entry" our range of plastic printed signs will help you communicate with your staff and customers. If you need a plastic sign that says now open, push, or ladies and gents then you will find them here.

  • Adhesive policy signs


    These small format directional and policy sticker signs are printed onto a thin gauge self adhesive vinyl. A great option if you have limited space or need a sign that can easily stick to a smooth surface. Here you will find such signs as entrance and exit, no junk mail and gents and ladies symbols for toilets or bathrooms. All these sticker signs are printed with a brushed aluminium look background.

  • Stainless steel signs


    Our stainless steel policy and directional signs are made from 18/8 gauge stainless steel. These signs are very robust and being stainless steel, are completely weatherproof. The stainless steel finish gives them a professional look and all come with double sided foam tape on the back. If you are after an arrow sign or toilet sign with a bit of class, look no further.

  • No smoking signs


    Almost a necessity in today's world, these no smoking signs come in a variety of sizes and materials to suit most applications. Our no smoking signs are made of various materials, including plastic, adhesive decals or stickers and stainless steel. Some of our no smoking signs are designed for indoor or outdoor use on walls and doors while others are made to sit on tables. If you are in the retail or hospitality sector then you will most probably need these signs.

  • Sliding door signs


    Our sliding door signs are available in two styles, Vacant/Meeting in progress and Vacant/Occupied. Lightweight and easy to attach these bushed aluminium door signs are perfect for any  meeting room, office, or any room that requires privacy.

  • Supermarket signs


    Specially designed for supermarkets or any retail that uses check outs, these plastic double sided check out or register signs are an important tool for communicating with your customer. Some of our check out signs have "register closed" on both sides while others have "register closed" on one side and "Next customer please" on the other.

  • Hot food & please taste counter signs


    Small stand alone counter signs like "Please taste" and "Caution Hot" are a quick and easy way to get your message across. Made from the same durable material as our food tickets, these plastic signs take up little counter space. Each sign has a printed plastic ticket, a hinge block to hold the ticket and a round base for the ticket to stand. If you are a deli, baker or any sort of retail food outlet then these are handy counter signs to have.


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