If you need to hang a poster from the ceiling, hang a sign on a glass door or stick adhesive hang tabs to your products, then Blazon Displays can help you. From ceiling hooks and poster holders to suction cups and hang sell strips, we have a great selection of products to help you display your posters and merchandise your store.


  • Ceiling clips & hangers


    If you have a suspended grid ceiling then these clips and hangers will make merchandising and hanging posters and decorations a breeze. Many of our plastic and metal ceiling clips are designed to simply clip or hook into the metal rails. If you need something different we also have adhesive and magnetic ceiling poster clips.

  • Hooks & ring


    Here you will find all our hooks and rings to help hang your posters, signs and merchanding displays. Whether you want to use a split ring to attach a plastic pocket, hang large posters from a ceiling or simply use a suction cup hook to hang on a glass door, we can help.

  • Poster rails


    Poster rails are the easiest way to display or hang posters. We carry a few different sizes and styles, and many of our poster holders can be easily cut to size. To stop your posters and paper signs from ripping off hooks or curling up at the ends, why not use a poster rail?

  • Adhesive hang tabs


    If you need to hang your products off pegboard/mesh hooks but your stock doesn't have a hole, then adhesive hang tabs are the perfect solution. Available in many shapes, sizes and weight loads adhesive hang tabs are designed to simply peel and stick on your stock. Whether you sell confectionery or stationery these sticky hanging tags can help you merchandise your store.

  • Hang sell strips


    If you want to create pockets of impulse buying then hang sell strips are the way to go. Small and lightweight, hang sell strips allow you to hang your products in a small area or next to a relevant product to create cross selling opportunities. Hang sell strips are made from several different materials including plastic and metal and are a great tool for any retail store or supermarket. If you need a large quantity let us know and we can work out a quote.


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