If you need to control the crowds then our chrome barrier poles and ropes and our digital queue systems are the way to go. Whether you're a butcher, deli or hairdresser the digital queuing and ticketing system is a great way to organise your customers. Here you will also find our demonstration counters, a popular item for supermarkets and liquor stores for food and wine tasting.


  • Barrier poles


    Keep your customers in line with our range of rope barrier poles and retractable barrier poles. These chrome bollards are perfect for directing customers or blocking a path. Our bollards or barrier poles have heavy weight bases and are available in black, red or blue. Barrier poles are perfect for retail in checkout lines, for hotel or restaurant lobbies or for crowd control at any event.

  • Demonstration counters


    If you're after a professional way to present samples or information in public, look no further than our quality demonstration counters. Lightweight, strong and easy to erect, these counters will be at home in any environment. Ideal for food tasting in supermarkets or special events or as an information booth at expos to display your brochures and sign up sheets.


  • Digital queue control system


    Very popular with delis, butchers & fish mongers, the digital queue control system is an easy way to keep your customers in order. If your customers have to queue for your goods or services, but you don't have barrier poles or the space to create a designated line or cue, then our digital take a number system will help to keep things orderly and makes sure your customers are informed about their place in the line. The process is simple but effective, customer simply take a numbered ticket from the ticket dispenser and wait for their number to appear on the digital display.


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