We carry a wide range of matting type products, from food grade non-slip matting for supermarkets, butchers and fresh produce to large entrance mats and mats with your logo. Here you will find cushioned matting for long periods of standing and rubber kitchen matting. With many different styles and sizes to choose from I'm sure we have smothering to suit your needs.


  • Anti fatigue mats


    Manufactured from premium quality rubber our anti fatigue mats are designed to create a more comfortable happier and productive work area. Anti fatigue mats help maximise staff comfort by providing a cushioning effect under foot. We carry a few different commercial quality anti fatigue mats in different sizes to suit your budget and needs.

  • Entrance mats


    Whether you need a large entrance mat with you printed logo or a sturdy rubber entrance mat to make sure the rest of you floor stays clean, we can help. Here you will find a range of commercial quality, indoor and outdoor entrance mats to make your customers feel welcome or just so they can clean their feet. All the entrance mats are easy to clean including the printed logo mats which are fully Launderable with a nylon top and 100% nitrile rubber backing.

  • Rubber mats


    One of the most popular industrial matting on the market, these rubber mats are ideal for commercial kitchens and food prep areas. These slender profile mats provide comfort while reducing fatigue. The grease resistant properties make the mat a perfect addition to oily or greasy areas and the bevelled edges provide safe footing a slip resistance. The large holes allow liquid and small food scraps to fall under that mat allowing easy cleaning at the end of service.

  • Food grade non slip matting


    Available in green and black our heavy duty cushioned matting is specially designed  for food display. Extensively used in delis, supermarkets, fruit and vegetable stores and butchers. The non slip matting has anti bacterial properties and is completely food safe. Easy to clean this food grade non slip matting will not only help protect your fresh fruit and veg but also make sure your deli bowls and meat trays don't go sliding about in the refrigerated cabinet.


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