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Here you will find all your hospitality and restaurant display needs. We carry a selection of menu and bill holders, hotel signs, table items like salt and pepper shakers and napkin holders just to name a few. Whether you are a large restaurant chain or a small boutique cafe we can help you out. If you are after a particular product please let us know as we are always looking for new items.


  • Ashtrays & Bins


    Due to the current legislation in regards to smoking outside, there is a major increase in requirements for cigarette bins and ashtrays. Make sure your patrons have somewhere to discard their cigarette butts with our range of Ashtrays and bins. From floor standing to wall mounted ashtays, we can help you make usre your pub, restaurant or workplace is kept litter free and clean. Call our office for availability.


  • Felt groove boards


    Here you will find our range of very professional looking and stylishly designed felt groove board signs. Often used in hotels, restaurants, offices and other public arenas these felt groove boards make communicating with your customers a breeze. With the easily changeable push in felt groove letters and numbers, you can quickly change your message. These felt groove boards are designed to be wall mounted, or you can put them on one of our easels


  • Menu & bill holders


    Here you'll find all our menu holders to suit restaurants, cafes and pubs in popular colours and designs. Our menu and bill holders range from the trendy timber boards with chrome clips to the contemporary DL size flip over menus to the popular black vinyl style of A4 menu holders. Whether you need a 2 sheet menu holder or a 20 sheet menu holder, I m sure we will have something to suit your needs.

  • Table signs and numbers


    If your a restaurant, pub, or cafe and need table signs and numbers then look no further. We carry a selection of table numbers in different sizes and colours. From large plastic numbers that you sit in a card holder to small stainless steel double sided table numbers. You will also find here a our range of reserved table signs and buffet signs with over 15 different food descriptions.

  • Hospitality signs


    If your customers aren't sure where to pay or don't know that they have to wait to be seated then maybe we can help. Here you will find our hospitality and restaurant signs, from "Please queue here" to "Please tidy my room". It doesn't matter if you are the largest hotel or the smallest cafe, we have you covered.

  • Salt & Pepper shakers & napkin holders


    We carry a selection of small classic commercial quality salt and pepper shakers in stainless steel and glass. Here you will also find holders or caddies for our salt and pepper shakers along with our range of stainless steel napkin holders. If you are looking for something in particular let us know and we will try and find it for you.

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  • Buffet Display
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Showing 1 - 5 of 5 items


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