Must have items for any restaurant, bakery, deli, butchers, cafe, hotel or anyone in the food industry. Here you will find our range of food service utensils, food dispensers and food presentation display products. All our products are made from high quality, food safe contact grade material and are both attractive and practical. If you need to display your food a particular way and cant find it here, let us know as we do custom made acrylic displays too.


  • Serving utensils


    If you need to flip it, scoop it or simply pick it up then you are in the right place. We carry a wide range of serving utensils for all your food service needs. From metal tongs to perforated plastic spoons, we have you covered. Our range of Serving utensils is ideal for any deli, buffet, café butchers or restaurant. Our utensils are made from various metals and plastic material, all food safe and commercial quality.

  • Scoops, bottles & measuring


    Here you will find our range of plastic and metal scoops of various sizes, handy squeeze bottles for sauces, oils and dressings and our stainless steel measuring cups and measuring spoons. All these items are handy to have in your commercial kitchen, café or restaurant.

  • Chopping boards


    Our Polyethylene Food safe chopping boards come in different colours to help you run a clean and safe kitchen or food prep area. It is  good practice to have separate boards for different food groups to reduce the risk of cross-contamination. It is particularly important to keep raw and ready to eat food separate, especially raw chicken. Our heavy duty cutting boards are available in 6 different colours, Red = Raw Red Meats, Yellow= Raw Chicken, Brown= Cooked Meats, Blue = Seafood, White = Dairy & Bakery, Green = Fruit & Vegetables.

  • Gloves


    Whether you need gloves for protection or hygiene, we can help. Here you will find our selection of multi purpose, powder free vinyl gloves and heat proof full length rubber gloves. Both these types of gloves are commonly  used in the food industry.

  • Thermometers & timers


    Make sure your food is displayed at a safe temperature with our digital probe and laser non contact surface thermometers. To ensure that food stays safe, you are legally required to ensure that potentially hazardous foods are kept either very cold (5C or colder) or very hot (60C or hotter). If you need a digital timer have a look at our easy to use timer to make multitasking a little easier.


  • Food display stands


    People eat with their eyes first, so make sure your food is displayed in an exciting and inviting manner. We carry a range of food display items that can help you promote your cakes, sandwiches, tarts and pies. Made from various materials such as melamine, stainless steel and acrylic, our food display stands are designed to enhance your products. From cake trays and domes to acrylic counter top display cabinets, we can help you with all your food merchandising needs.

  • Food and drink dispensers


    If you are looking for a coffee dispenser, want to keep your soup or water hot, or need to update your juice and cereal dispenser, look no further. We can offer a number of different choices for hotel buffet dispensers, coffee, tea, and sugar dispensers, hot water Urns and juice dispensers. These are commercial quality restaurant and buffet products that are easy for your customers to use and will enhance your service


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