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Whether you're a deli, fruit and veg store, butcher, bakery or any type of food outlet, Blazon Displays have a  huge range of bowls, trays and platters to suit you and your businesses needs. All our products are made from high quality, food safe contact grade material such as melamine, stainless steel, moulded plastic and polycarb. We carry a great selection of square, round and oval styles of bowls and platters with many different sizes to choose from. If you are after something particular, please contact us for more information on how we can help you.



  • Melamine trays & platters


    Discover the versatility and class of melamine with our large range of commercial melamine trays and platters. From traditional rectangular sandwich platters to our contemporary curved square platters we will have something to help display your food. Made from the highest grade of food safe melamine, these platters and trays are lightweight and dishwasher safe.

  • Melamine bowls


    Here you will find our range of attractive melamine bowls and dishes all made from high grade commercial melamine with a porcelain look but much lighter in weight. From traditional white round display bowls to our contemporary leaf shaped bowls, we will have something to help display your food. Made from the highest grade of food safe melamine, these bowls are lightweight and dishwasher safe making them perfect for the food industry to promote and display fresh food.

  • Moulded plastic trays


    Particularly popular our moulded trays have been used for many years by butchers, seafood merchants and supermarkets. Many of these trays can handle temperatures form -12 degrees to 93 degrees Celsius and are made from strong sturdy black and white plastics with some available with lids.

  • Moulded plastic bowls


    Some of our specialty shaped bowls are made from moulded scratch resistant plastic and are used widely in food and drink service products. The bowls in this section have been very popular for a number of years with supermarkets and due to their high gloss food grade that is suitable for a temperature rage of -12 degrees to 93 degrees Celsius. These strong sturdy bowls will help make your food presentation pop.

  • Polycarbonate trays & food pans


    Polycarbonate is referred to as the "unbreakable" plastic. Extremely durable and food safe, our range of standard food pans and trays made from polycarbonate are used throughout Australia in all types of fresh food displays. These trays and pans are designed to last under the rigours of any food preparation and service area. Made to handle the heat, our black polycarb food pans are heat proof up to 100 degrees Celsius and the food trays up to 130 degrees Celsius. If you have a warm Bain Marie or use heat lamps to keep your food warm, these may be for you.

  • Polycarbonate bowls & storage


    Our clear food storage containers and bowls are ideally suited to any commercial kitchen, restaurant, deli or food preparation area. Available in a range of sizes to suit any application, these tough polycarb plastic bowls and storage containers are designed to last. Not only are they perfect to store large quantities of ingredients or prepared food, they also have colour coded plastic lids available. The polycarb clear bowls are a great way to display your fresh made food and really show off your produce.

  • Stainless steel platters & bowls


    If you like the classy look of high gloss stainless steel service ware, you'll no doubt be attracted to these products. Our stainless steel bowls and platters are made from 18/8 stainless steel food grade quality. A great way to really show off your cakes, pastries and deli products. If you are looking for something different in your deli or patisserie cabinet imagine how great these stainless steel bowls and trays will look.

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Showing 1 - 13 of 13 items


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