Wicker cane baskets are perfect for merchandising your store, creating gift baskets or displaying your products. We also carry a range of food safe polywicker baskets for fresh fruit and veg or baked goods. Cane baskets are a great way for Supermarkets or retail shops to freshen up their displays and create a natural feel in the store. If you are after shopping baskets you have come to the right place. All our shopping baskets are made from sturdy moulded plastic and are easily stackable. Whether you need free standing basket displays, small wicker baskets with handles, plastic shopping baskets and trolleys or even coloured tin display buckets we can help you out.



  • Buckets


    Tin buckets can be a great visual merchandising tool. A fun way to display your products or to make gift packs. Our small tin buckets are available in several colours including black, white, blue, red or natural tin. If your looking for a unique way to display your products, why not give these tin buckets a go.

  • Cane baskets

    Cane Basket

    Cane wicker baskets can give your displays a fresh natural look. Using cane baskets can be a useful way to organise restaurant tables, display fresh fruit and vegetable produce in your supermarket or really show off fresh baked breads and cakes in a bakery. cane wicker baskets are also a great way to create gift baskets for florists and wineries. With several different sizes and styles to choose from I'm sure you will find the right cane basket for you.

  • Polywicker baskets


    Polywicker cane baskets are strong, long lasting, and easly washable baskets. These baskets are food safe baskets designed to last. Polywicker baskets are often used in supermarkets and bakeries to display Fresh produce such as fruit and vegetables and fresh baked bread. Polywicker baskets don’t need to have liners to protect your un-packaged food products as they are made from food grade plastic and are easy to clean. Our Polywicker cane baskets have a realsitc look and can give your displays a fresh natural feel.

  • Basket display stands


    Our cane basket display stands offer  a great  alternative to dump bins and impulse display stands. These basket displays are light weight easily mobile with lockable wheels. Available in two different heights and round or rectangular shapes, these basket stands take up little room and provide a great look. If you want a new way to display confectionary, baked goods or even towels and apparel these might be what you need. A great product for supermarkets, retail stores such as chemists,  health food stores and even petrol stations and liquor stores.

  • Shopping baskets


    Shopping baskets are an essential product for any retailer. Our plastic shopping baskets are moulded from a strong hard wearing plastic. 2 ergonomic plastic handles ensure a comfortable grip for customers. We carry red, black , blue and green  hand shopping baskets and black and red shopping baskets with wheels. Not just for Supermarkets, these plastic baskets are handy for customers in hardware stores, pharmacies, garden centres, stationery suppliers, in fact anywhere a customer will make multiple purchases.



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