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Small wood boxes, large rustic pine creates, wood trays for hampers, and wood crate display stands are all here. Wood boxes are a fantastic way to merchandise your store, display fresh produce or package hampers and gift sets. We have a wide range of styles and sizes to help with your visual merchandising needs. Wood display boxes bring a rustic, country style feel to any display whether it be produce, liquor or even non-food items.


  • Wood crates


    Wood crates can give your displays a fresh natural rustic look. Using wood crates can be a useful way to display fresh fruit and vegetable produce in your supermarket or really show off fresh baked breads in a bakery. Large wooden boxes are a great merchandising tool to create different heights in your display. Small wood crates are a great way to create gift boxes for florists and wineries. With several different sizes and styles to choose from , whether you sell fruit or fashion I'm sure you will find the right wood crate for you.

  • Wood trays


    Wood trays are not as deep as our wood box crates and are ideal for shallow fruit and vegetable displays like garlic, chillies or apples. These wood trays also make excellent displays for small baked goods and breads for any bakery. The wooden trays are a great way to merchandise folded apparel like shirts or socks and gives your display a fresh natural rustic feel. Small wood trays are an excellent way to create gift boxes and hampers for florists, wineries and gift-wares. With several different sizes and styles to choose from, whether you sell fruit or fashion I'm sure you will find the right wood display tray for you.

  • Plastic crate liners


    Here you will find our plastic food safe crate liners, specially designed to fit neatly into some of our wood crates and trays. These liners allow you to put unpackaged food like fresh produce or fresh baked breads directly into your wood box displays without worry of contamination. Very easy to clean, wipe and reuse, these plastic creates liners are a must for any supermarket or fresh produce retailer.

  • Wood display stands


    Our wood crate and barrel display stands offer a great alternative to dump bins and impulse display stands. These wood display stands are light weight and easily mobile. Our wood display stands take up little room and provide a great natural look. If you want a new way to display confectionary, baked goods or even towels and apparel these might be what you need. A great product for supermarkets and retail stores such as chemists, health food stores and even petrol stations and liquor stores. If you cant find the wooden display what you want let us know, we may be able to find it for you.


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