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PTouch TZ Tape 24mm Red On Clear



PTouch TZ Tape 24mm Red On Clear

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• Self adhesive PTouch label tape

• Laminated - resistant to water, chemicals, abrasion, temperature and fading

• Colour: red print on clear tape

• Tape widths available: 24mm

• Length of tape in cassette: 8 metres

• Suits all "TZ" P Touch label machines

Brother International were the first to design and patent a unique style of self adhesive label that is laminated. The tape itself has 6 layers of materials that results in a very strong yet remarkably thin adhesive label that is virtually indestructive in most standard conditions.

The print process with Brother PTouch labels is one of thermal transfer and so no ink is needed in the label machines ... the colour is in the tape cassette itself. More technical information is available in our "Learn About P-Touch Tapes" section.

Brother laminated tapes will adhere to almost any surface including stainless steel, glass, PVC, acrylic, polypropylene and so on. Smooth, rough, flat or rounded surfaces pose no problems for the PTouch laminated tapes.

The uses of P Touch is limited only by one's imagination. Our customers typically use them in the following areas:
• Food ticketing
• Office files
• Name badges
• Electrical switchboard labelling
• Industrial equipment labelling
but this is by no means the only uses and really anywhere that requires labelling, one will be able to use a PTouch label machine.

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