• In 1988 Brother International released the most innovative design in portable labelling machines to date…the P-Touch. The P-Touch makes self adhesive labels that look professional, are easy to produce and are laminated making them extremely durable.
• P-Touch labellers are equipped with a multitude of features that allow you to print labels on demand. Features such as built-in keyboards, automatic tape cutters, time / date printing and so much more, mean you can print the labels you want, when you want.


• Brother label makers print messages on small pieces of tape, so that they can be placed on the item they are labelling. While the unit is small, it contains a full keyboard along with a few other buttons to access special characters and functions. It has a small display to let you know what you are typing. While the host of options may seem confusing at first, the process of printing a message is simple.
• The Brother P-touch Electronic Labelling System is simply the fastest, most efficient way to create adhesive backed labels for virtually any home, office, business, school or industrial application. From hand held and desktop models to label printers that work with your PC or Mac, P-touch electronic label makers produce durable, colourful labels. Almost all of the P-touch products print on laminated labels that are resistant to water, spills, heat, cold and other harsh environments. Applications for P-touch labels are virtually infinite.


There are basically 4 types of PTouch labellers:
These are designed for portability and are lightweight and easy to use. They may be simple machines for home use, or rugged industrial models for use in the field.

Brother label hachine

These are designed for superior performance and can also be portable if desired. These feature larger screens and keyboards than hand held models and can be powered by battery or AC supply.

 Desktop label maker

These can be similar in size to the desktop models but can also be connected directly to a PC allowing, by the use of label software, a much wider range of applications such as the use of graphics and the ability to design your label on a computer screen. 

Brother labelling machines

These models are used primarily with the powerful Brother label making software and all designing and printing functions are done on the computer. Some models even have a “connect and print” feature that doesn't require any software installation.

 computer label machines


• They are intuitive to use…key in your design and press “print” and you have your label.
• They produce a bright, professional looking label that is both easy to read and extremely tough.
• The machines have a huge range of features such as built in fonts, multiple line printing, pre-designed label templates, computer connectivity … just to name a few.
• They are very inexpensive
• There is a large range of models from which to choose. Whether you want a desktop model, a computer printer or one to use in the field, the choice is available.



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