The range of labels available for the QL printers is quite varied and will suit most applications. The tapes themselves work on thermal print technology that eliminates the need for ink, toner or ribbons. As well, the tapes are all on simple drop in spools and so there are no issues with alignment of the labels.


There are 2 types of labels available:
Die Cut labels – A range of popular sized labels pre-cut to specified sizes. These include shipping labels, address labels, file labels and DVD / CD labels for example. These labels are all made from paper with the exception of the DVD/CD label which is made from film.
Continuous Length Labels – These are useful when you need to print labels in varying lengths not available in the die cut range. These are ideal for creating banners, window signs and can be printed up to 3 metres in length. Available in both paper and durable water resistant film.


White standard address labels 29mm x 90mm 400 labels per roll
CQ11202 White shipping / name badge labels 62mm x 100mm 300 labels per roll
CQ11203 White file folder labels 17mm x 87mm 300 labels per roll
CQ11204 White multi-purpose labels/return address 17mm x 54mm 400 labels per roll
CQ11207 White cd / dvd film labels 58 diameter 100 labels per roll
CQ11208 White standard large address labels 38mm x 90mm 400 labels per roll
CQ11209 White small address labels 29mm x62mm 800 labels per roll
CQ11218 White round die-cut labels 24mm diameter 1000 labels per roll
CQ11219 White round die-cut labels 12mm diameter 1200 labels per roll
CQ11240 White multi-purpose labels 102mm x 51mm 600 labels per roll Suits QL1050/1060n printers only
CQ11241 White shipping labels 102mmx 152mm 200 per roll Suits QL1050/1060n printers only

CQ22113 Clear continuous film roll 62mm x 15.24M
CQ22205 White continuous paper roll 62mm x 30.48M
CQ22210 White continuous paper roll 29mm x 30.48M
CQ22211 White continuous film roll 29mm x 15.24M
CQ22212 White continuous film roll 62mm x 15.24M
CQ22214 White continuous paper roll 12mm x 30.48M
CQ22243 White continuous paper roll 102mm x 30.48M Suits QL1050/1060n printers only
CQ22606 Yellow continuous film roll 62mm x 15.24M
CQ44205 Removable white continuous paper roll 62mm x 30.48M
CQ44605 Removable yellow continuous paper roll 62mm x 30.48M


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