plastic brochure holder system from Expanda

The brochure holder system we provide is a unique patented one that is Australian designed. It is quite different from other brochure holders on the market in that it features both a way to lock holders together to easily grow your display as required and as well, the design is such that it gives full height support to brochures so you won't have brochures flopping forward in the holder.

    Expanda brochure holder                                                                                                  


The Expanda system uses individual injection moulded polystyrene plastic pockets. The pockets (or holders) are available to suit 5 brochure & postcard styles:
-  A4: 297 x 210mm
-  A5: 148 x 210mm
-  DL : (or Trifold) 100 x 210mm
-  Horizontal (or landscape) Postcard: 170mm (wide) x 105mm (high)
-  Vertical (or portrait) Postcard: 105mm (wide) x 170mm (high)
All these pockets have tabs (or hooks) on the rear allowing them to be clipped together to form a marvellous variety of display combinations. 

 plastic brochure holder 1


To make a single, free-standing brochure holder, 2 components are necessary:
-  One of the brochure / postcard holders mentioned above
-  A Universal Base Bracket
At the rear bottom of each brochure holder are 2 holes and it is into these that the Universal Base Bracket is clipped thereby producing a free standing unit.

desktop brochure holder



On the top, rear section of the Expanda holders are a set of holes. By using the steel Slotwall / Pegboard Adaptor in these holes, attaching a holder to any slatwall or pegboard display is easy. As well, by using the two hooks at the rear of each holder, more brochure holders can be hung down as desired.

 wall mounted brochure holder


In rare circumstances where your brochures are printed on very thin paper, you may need extra support to stop your leaflets bending in the middle and falling forward. To keep these types of leaflets in a nice upright position, the Flopper Stopper would be used.

acrylic brochure holder



One thing you don't want when displaying brochures is to have them looking tired and dishevelled. The one major advantage that the Expanda system has over other brochure holders is the full height  support it gives to brochures. It presents brochures in an attractive way and reduces any damage that may befall them due to mishandling. The other benefit of this system is that gives you total flexibility. You can add and subtract holders to your display at will. This modularity allows the same holders to be used on trolley or carousel units, as well as on wall and counter displays.


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