The modularity and simplicity of the Expanda range really comes to the fore when wanting to make a wall mounted brochure holder system. Again, 2 components are required:

 The Brochure Holders above and

Wall mounted brochure holder bracket

The Aluminium Wall Bracket above.

The Aluminium Wall Bracket is designed such that the hooks on the back of the brochure holder will simply hang onto it. The length of the bracket is determined by how many brochures holders you wish to have. The bracket is available in 450mm, 895mm and 1125mm lengths and each one will hold the following across it's length:

450mm: 2 x A4 / 2 x A5 or 4 x Trifold (or DL)
895mm: 4 x A4 / 5 x A5 or 8 x Trifold (or DL)
1125mm: 5 x A4 / 7 x A5 or 10 x Trifold (or DL)

Of course you're not restricted to one size on the bar...you may want to mix and match different sized holders and this is completely possible with this system. Also, you now have the option of increasing the number of holders to your display simply by hanging further brochure holders from those already on the Aluminium Wall Bracket by the use of the 2 hooks on the rear of each holder. You can hang as many of the brochure holders down as you wish...as your need grows, simply add more holders...very simple. One point: it's suggested that for every 3 rows of holders you drop down, use a row of Universal Base Brackets. This keeps the holders out from the wall.

wall mounted brochure system


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