Shelf Management System Divider 335 x 60mm



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Shelf Management System Divider 335 x 60mm

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• Clear divider for shelf management

• Size: 335(L) x 60(H)mm

• Made from tough, clear polycarbonate plastic

• Easy to install - clips onto any of our magnetic, adhesive or clip-on rails

• Hole on the front for holding the polycarbonate Keeper Rod (if required)

A well presented shelf creates a positive impression and helps customers to locate products quickly and easily. Clear and neat separation of products allows the best use of available shelf space and prevents products getting mixed up. Also, a great deal of time can be saved in re-stocking shelves.

The shelf management sytem we have is very simple to setup and maintain. Rails are placed along the length of a shelf (front and back) and dividers simply snapped on to these rails. Once attached a divider can then be slid along the rail to the desired position.

When choosing a divider, simply measure the depth of the shelf and match the divider up accordingly. Our dividers will fit most standard shelves. Dividers are available in 2 heights - 60mm and 120mm - and the decision as to which height suits best, is simply based on the items to be managed. Small boxed items such as headache tablets would only require a 60mm divider whilst larger bulky items such as breakfast cereal will require the 120mm dividers.

Keep in mind that divders are not only used in dry goods / general merchandise areas, they are also great on refrigerated shelves however in this instant, we would recommend using magnetic rails as adhesives can often change their properties in a refrigerated environment.


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