If you need to write on whiteboards, chalkboards, glass or just on your paper ticketing, we carry a wide range of liquid chalk colours as well as blackboard chalk to get it done. We currently stock whitteboard or permanent markers by Artline and Sharpie all available instore and online. Need something for your busy counter top? Take a look at our range of counter bells, signs and docket spikes.


  • Chalk & Liquid chalk


    If you need good old fashioned coloured or white chalk then this is the place to get it. Great for blackboards, chalk signs give a rustic natural look to your point of sale. Liquid chalk wet wipe markers are designed to be used on glossy surfaces and blackboards. Easy to wipe off with water, liquid chalk is great for writing on blackboards, whiteboards, glass and laminated paper. A popular product in cafes, pubs and restaurants liquid chalk is used on menu boards as they can quickly and easily be cleaned. Liquid chalk is also often used by butchers, delis and florists on their glass cabinets and windows.

  • White board & permanent markers

    We carry a range of Artline whiteboard and Sharpie permanent markers. Available in black, blue and red whiteboard markers are useful for writing on laminated price tickets, laminated poster and of course whiteboards. If your point of sale posters or price tickets are not reusable then our range of Artline permanent markers are the way to go. Available in thick and thin I'm sure we have the Artline or Sharpie marker for you.

  • Docket spikes


    Docket spikes or  receipt spikes are a must have for any restaurant or retail store. make sure your counter space is clean and tidy with the use of a docket spike. Made from a powder coated steel our docket spikes are tough,  durable and  will last for years to come.

  • Counter bells & signs


    If you are not always at your counter or desk then a counter bell can be a great way for your customers to grab your attention. We carry both touch counter bells and hand held brass bells. These bells are handy for reception areas in hotels or offices and retail or deli counters.


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