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Designed for Supermarkets, delis and the fresh produce industry these tough food grade tubs, fruit and vegetable display trays and tiered displays are ideal for displaying fresh produce and deli products. From herb tubs to Acrylic food dividers, Blazon Displays can help you display your fresh food products.



  • Fruit & vegetable tubs


    Fruit and Vegetable tubs are the perfect way to transfer your fresh produce from display to coolroom without handling or damaging your stock. Use fruit and veg tubs in your cold display cabinets or on display tables then take the tubs full to the coolroom at the end of the day. All our produce display tubs are made from super tough ABS plastic and will not only enhance your display, but help protect your fresh produce from bruising and damage. From herbs and loose leaf lettuce to asparagus and chillies, we have a tub for you.

  • Fruit & vegetable display trays


    If you need to display stone fruit, apples, cut fruit such as water melon or even bunches of vegetables like celery then the fruit and vegetable display trays are what you need. These Fruit and vegetable display trays give you a practical way to display small and cut fruit. Create a neat & impressive fruit display with these sturdy, washable & reusable fruit separators, and our cut and bunch fruit and veg trays are made of a strong washable ABS plastic designed to last.

  • Tiered displays


    Tiered displays are designed to show off your produce. If you need a tiered display unit for your deli cabinet or a produce bin tiered display for your fruits, vegetables and punnets then you will find them here. All the items you will see in this section are designed to increase the attractiveness of your produce display. Made from different hardwearing plastics tiered units will help display and sell your products. If you require custom made tiered displays for your deli or meat cabinets let us know and we can organise a quote.

  • Acrylic dividers


    Our standard sized food dividers are made from 3mm clear or black acrylic helps separate different product lines and help maintain your display case in an orderly manner. Plastic food dividers also help prevent cross contamination in deli and butcher meat cabinets. If you need a specific size or colour divider, talk to us about our custom made acrylic dividers.


  • Artificial food & displays


    If your food display needs a bit of a lift, is lacking some greenery and colour or you just need a fake apple then you will find what you need here. We carry a wide range of artificial fruit and vegetables along with green garlands of parley, box hedge and ivy. Fake food is a great way to dress up your food displays, merchandise your meat and deli cabinets, or simply brighten up a table display with artificial plastic fruit.


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