• Black plastic stepped riser
  • Overall size: 775 (L) x 355 (W) MM
  • 3 steps, each with a usable area of 220 (D) x 300 (W) mm
  • Height of each step: 60mm
  • Made from tough 1.5mm-thick ABS plastic

This stepped riser unit is used, for example, in deli or butcher's refrigerated cabinets to present trays or bowls in an attractive, tiered fashion. The visible surface of the unit has an attractive textured finish that will not show any scratches or stains and is easily cleaned by a quick wipe or rinse under a tap.

Each of the 3 steps has a depressed centre dropping down 18mm and is surrounded by a 15mm thick wall. This "depression" holds, for example, a 300 x 200mm tray quite snugly, and some customers have found this more secure than our normal flat stepped riser, but this depends on the circumstances and can be one of personal preference.

There are many different varieties of refrigeration cabinets; some have a perfectly horizontal floor, while others may angle up to the rear of the cabinet. If your cabinet is the latter design with a sloping floor, this stepped riser is ideal. It can simply be placed on this slope, and the design will give you three (3) horizontal steps to use for food display trays. If your cabinet has a flat (horizontal) floor, the rear of the stepped riser needs to be raised approximately 150mm to make the three (3) steps horizontal.

All in all, this unit is a simple, low-cost way to enhance the look of your deli or meat cabinet, and with today's discerning retail customers, having a smart, professional appearance is essential.

Shipping Weight 0.9600kg
Shipping Width 0.080m
Shipping Height 0.780m
Shipping Length 0.350m
Shipping Cubic 0.021840000m3

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