• Stylish aluminium framed corkboard
  • Bulletin cork over an 8mm thick Bioboard backing (Bioboard is 100% natural fibre board)
  • Size 900 x 600MM
  • Concealed fittings
  • Wall fittings supplied
  • Supplied with push pins    

Our board uses non-toxic, water soluble, environmentally firendly glues and naturally grown cork. The cork is harvested from specific oak trees (Quercus Suber) and is gently harvested from the trees when they are 25 years old. The bark then regenerates and continues to grow and thrive reaching at least 150 - 250 years old!

Corkboards are a great way to quickly display company policies, personal notices, sales charts or for that matter, anything!  Our corkboards are supplied with pins and are easily mounted for use immediately.


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