Our bestselling and highly popular Apuro Soup Kettle provides all you require to store large amounts of soup, stew, chilli, mulled wines and others for a steady stream of customers. Featuring a stainless steel lid for easy access, you can regulate temperature through the front mounted dial to keep your batches exactly how you want them. Finished in an attractive universal black, this appliance and its lightweight portability makes it just as suited to mobile caterers as it is as a permanent feature of your kitchen. Capacity: 10Ltr. With Hinged Lid


  • Capacity 10Ltr
  • Dimensions 360(H) x 345(?)mm
  • Finish - external Black finish
  • Power Type 400W, 220 - 240 V, 2 amp, single phase
  • Temperature Range 35øC to 95øC
  • Voltage 230V
  • Weight 4.3kg
  • Gentle wet heat operation prevents food burning
  • Keeps soup and other warm food at serving temperature without drying it out
  • Temperature is easily adjusted to best suit the type of food you're serving
  • Maximum temperature: 98øC
  • Simple dial temperature control
  • Portable - ideal for mobile catering
Shipping Weight 4.3000kg
Shipping Height 3.600m