Your one stop shop for Datastripping

Your one stop shop for Datastripping
There is nothing more appealing than organise stock well merchandised with clear price labels and specials. Here at Blazon Displays you will find our huge range of data strips, both adhesive and clip on to suit all your needs.
Our adhesive data strip is one of the most commonly used types of data strip adhered to either the top or front of a shelf. Two of the most popular adhesive data strips are the standard flat and shelf talker or tiger grip data strip. The standard flat shelf strip has an adhesive backed plastic strip with a clear front. The shelf talker or tiger grip data strip is an adhesive backed flat data strip but also includes a built in ticket or shelf talker holder with special "teeth" to hold paper tickets on the outside of the data strip while the price label sits on the inside. Adhesive data strip is made from a UV stabilised plastic and is available in a variety of colours and lengths for standard shelf sizes.
Where adhesive data strip can't be used, hanging data strip will allow you a number of alternate ways to clearly display your price labels. Hanging data strip can be easily cut in to shorter lengths and is often used in fridges or to hang off baskets or wire shelves, secured with lockable plastic clips or zip ties.
We also stock a wide range of non-adhesive data strip for a variety of specialist applications such as in refrigerators and coolrooms, clipping on wire frames and on specialty shelves such as c-channel.
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