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Adhesive Datastrip is by far, the mostly widely used style of our Datastrip range used in Australia. It is commonly seen on the front of shelves in supermarkets, pharmacies, hardware stores and in fact most retail stores. Using Datastrip means you no longer have to scrape labels off a shelf. It gives you total flexibility and will save you time and hence, money.


The most useful of our adhesive Datastrip is the flat style. This adheres to the front surface of a shelf and is available in clear, black, blue and red colours. The choice of colour depends on the colour of a shelf or may even be selected to match the corporate colour of a store.

flat data strip


The Datastrip we carry is available in 2 lengths and 4 heights. The lengths are matched to standard shelving sizes and are 914mm (3 foot) and 1220mm (4 foot). Heights available are 26, 39, 52 and 80mm and the choice of height of Datastrip is purely dependent on the size of the label to be used. The most common sized label used in supermarkets, for example, is 90 x 25mm so our 26mm Datastrip is used in this case. Stores that utilise larger labels with more information will obviously require a wider Datastrip. Liquor outlets, for example, desire to exhibit information about wine originality, bottle and carton prices etc and so they typically use a 52mm Datastrip. The relative sizes of the flat adhesive Datastrip can be seen here...

data strip sizes


A relatively new innovation in Datastrips, this is essentially a standard flat adhesive Datastrip with a clever little "gripper" on the front top edge. This gripper has 2 soft teeth that will hold a shelf talker or promotional ticket on the Datastrip in front of the desired product.


shelftalker datastrip
This gripper alleviates the need to use other clips, sticky tape etc to hold these shelf talkers in place. In application, the strip looks like this:

Shelftalker datastrip holder

Shelftalker Datastrip is available in the same lengths and colours as the standard flat adhesive Datastrip.


To facilitate easier reading of labels on lower shelves, we stock 2 styles – top adhesive mount strip and front adhesive mount strip. As the names imply, the adhesive allows mounting to the top of a shelf or the front. In both cases, the label holding section of the strip is presented at a slight upwards angle making it much more convenient for customers to read a label. The top mount strip can be seen here....


front mounted datastrip
And the front mount strip is shown here....

top mounted datastirp


These strips are also available in lengths for standard shelf sizes – 914 & 1220mm. The sizes we carry are the most popular in 26 & 39mm and they are only available in a clear colour.


The crucial factor in achieving longevity with regard to Datastrip adhering to a shelf is to ensure they are applied to a scrupulously cleaned shelf. Make sure there is no dust, dirt or old adhesive from previously removed Datastrip on the shelf edge. We suggest cleaning the shelf edges with white sprits prior to applying new Datastrip and if all this is done, you should find the strips will remain in place for a long time.

It's important to determine the best Datastrip to suit your particular application. Here's a few points to   keep in mind:


With Datastrip, there is such a thing as “cheap & nasty”. In order to cut production costs, some manufacturers will use, for example, a cheaper, inferior quality adhesive tape on the strip. This can result in Datastrip simply falling off the shelf edge. The double sided tape used on our adhesive Datastrip products is the highest quality German adhesive that ensures excellent adhesion of the strip to the shelf over a long period of time.


To use the maximum surface area of the adhesive, it's crucial that the Datastrip itself have a perfectly flat rear surface. Any curvature will put stresses on the tape reducing it's effectiveness. Poor moulding of Datastrip will result in a slight concave transverse profile, or even a longitudinal curve, both of which will result in the Datastrip not adhering fully onto a shelf. We are conscious of these factors and maintain strict guidelines in the production of our Datastrip.


Adding ultra violet stabilisers into the raw material when moulding Datastrip is essential. Without this ingredient, Datastrip will become brittle over a period of time. As well, the colour will change. Light from standard fluorescent tubes will even effect the Datastrip and cause it to take on a greenish tinge. Although it increases the cost slightly, we always, ensure all our Datastrip products are UV stabilised ensuring these problems will not occur.


The basic use of Datastrip is to display a readable and scannable label. Therefore, a high quality, clear front surface is crucial and generally nowadays this isn't a huge problem but can surface occasionally if quality control is not strictly enforced. You will never find this an issue with our Datastrip products.

At HB Displays we have sold Datastrip for many years and yes, we can supply cheaper products but frankly, we don't want the problems associated with doing that. Instead we prefer to offer one of the best quality range of Datastrip on the market today.

Your one stop shop for Datastripping

There is nothing more appealing than organise stock well merchandised with clear price labels and specials. Here at Blazon Displays you will find our huge range of data strips, both adhesive and clip on to suit all your needs.
Our adhesive data strip is one of the most commonly used types of data strip adhered to either the top or front of a shelf. Two of the most popular adhesive data strips are the standard flat and shelf talker or tiger grip data strip. The standard flat shelf strip has an adhesive backed plastic strip with a clear front. The shelf talker or tiger grip data strip is an adhesive backed flat data strip but also includes a built in ticket or shelf talker holder with special "teeth" to hold paper tickets on the outside of the data strip while the price label sits on the inside. Adhesive data strip is made from a UV stabilised plastic and is available in a variety of colours and lengths for standard shelf sizes.
Where adhesive data strip can't be used, hanging data strip will allow you a number of alternate ways to clearly display your price labels. Hanging data strip can be easily cut in to shorter lengths and is often used in fridges or to hang off baskets or wire shelves, secured with lockable plastic clips or zip ties.
We also stock a wide range of non-adhesive data strip for a variety of specialist applications such as in refrigerators and coolrooms, clipping on wire frames and on specialty shelves such as c-channel.

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