• Budget-priced Flipchart
  • Backing board is a magnetic whiteboard
  • Supplied with a 20-page Flip Pad 
  • Pack of 4 markers plus a Whiteboard Eraser
  • Workable Area Size: 987(H) x 655(W)MM
  • Overall Size: 1037(H) x 675(W)MM
  • Height adjustable
  • Top section flips up to reveal adjustable paper clamps for holding flipchart pads
  • Includes an integrated Pen Shelf

People in meetings absorb 10% of what they hear but 50% of what they see! Hence there is power in the written word. Our flipchart will allow you to present a very professional image at a budget price. Flip pad paper can be quickly mounted and the flip top conceals the paper holder. The height of the flipchart has adjustable legs to suit the height of the presenter.

Some tips when using a flipchart:
• If you are drawing graphics..cheat! ...draw the key parts in light pencil beforehand
• To write in a straight line, draw feint lines horizontally on the flipchart pad first
• To create an impact, keep a plain page before your key impact points and flip them over at the right moment
• To eliminate notes, write prompts at the top of pages of the flipchart



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