Learn About Chrome Wire Mesh Shelving

Our popular chrome wire mesh shelving is truly a multi purpose shelving unit obvious by the iconic wavy front to the shelves. The units are attractive, low cost and easy to assemble with the minimal of tools. They can be seen in many applications such as:
• Gift shops
• Supermarkets and convenience stores for displaying dry goods
• Pharmacies where they are particularly useful for displaying large and boxed items
• Beauticians, hairdressers and health food shops

The features of these shelves are:
• The open wire design means dust and dirt won't accumulate and gives maximum visibility
• They are useful for back office storage
• Sturdy wheels are available as an option should mobility be required
• The legs have adjustable feet on the bottom for uneven floors

Our chrome wire shelves should be distinguished from others available in that they are a heavy duty commercial quality and should not be confused with lighter weight units available in hardware stores and the like. The safe weight carrying capacity is dependent on the length of the shelf...the shorter the shelf, the more weight it will hold. Indicative safe weight loads are as follows:
• 900mm shelves - 160kg
• 1200mm shelves - 140kg
• 1500mm shelves - 130kg
• 1800mm shelves - 120kg
The maximum weight of any bay should not exceed 500kg and if wheels are used, the maximum load per wheel should not exceed 40kg.




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