• Hanging Data Strip Label Holder
  • Length: 100MM Overall height: 42MM (holds labels 26mm high)
  • Front and back surfaces are both clear
  • Supplied with 2 lockable loops

This clear data strip is for holding a single label. The formula used in the production of this type of strip ensures that there is good plastic 'memory' so when the front section is opened to change a label, it snaps back tightly and doesn't stay open.

Popularly used in fridges, wire mesh or baskets, this data strip has 2 holes in the top section and is supplied with 2 lockable loops to hold it in position. it will swing freely and will hang down below a shelf approximately 48mm

You can find extra lockable clips here! - https://www.blazondisplays.com.au/clip-on-and-hanging-cardholders/1055-Lockable-Plastic-Ticket-And-Card-Clip.html?search_query=dlhc&results=1


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