This revolving signal light means business! The super bright halogen bulb can be seen for miles and the light itself is above average in size and is ideal for in-store spot specials or to attract passing trade.The light has a heavy duty magnetic base to attach to any metallic surface. The low noise motor creates no interference to radios/CBs, etc and the low friction belt drive means there is no mechanical noise - no clicking or squeaking.

The tough PVC casing is weather resistant making this unit suitable for automobiles, marine vehicles and boats, trucks, or most emergency situations.

Dimensions of the light: 140mm diameter x 180MM High

The light has a 12 volt car cigarette lighter plug and is powered by a 12 volt  7.5Amp switched mode power supply that has a cigarette lighter socket.

Specifications of the AC adaptor are:

• Input voltage: 240VAC
• Output voltage: 12VDC
• Output current: 7.5A
• Dimensions: 157(L) x 90(W) x 57(H)MM




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