• Flat datastrip that adheres to the front of shelves
  •  Top section of the front surface has an in-built "ticket gripper" into which shelf talker tickets can be inserted eliminating the need for sticky tape or clips.
  •  Front surface also features a slight ridge to assist in opening the strip to insert or remove labels.
  • Back surface is red, front surface is clear
  • Length: 1200MM
  • Height: 26MM (will hold labels up to 26mm high)
  • 100% clear scannable front
  • UV resistant to eliminate discolouring
  • Superior plastic "memory" to maintain tight closure of the front surface
  • High quality German adhesive tape adheres powerfully initially, and this bonding increases over the next 72 hours
  •  The PVC material in this data strip includes Impact Modifiers that work to stop the data strip becoming brittle over time and thereby increasing it's life expectancy.

Watch the data strip video to see them in action! - https://www.blazondisplays.com.au/content/37-video-tutorials

To display, and be able to change quickly, labels on a shelf, our data strip is ideal. It bonds strongly to the shelf edge and has a very high life expectancy. Using data strip eliminates the need to apply (and later scrape off) labels directly to a shelf edge saving time and money.

The materials - hardeners, plasticisers etc - used in the production of our data strips ensure that they are not susceptible to damage due to contact from, for example, shopping trolleys. As well, the formula used in the PVC gives the plastic the essential "memory" it needs to perform on a day to day basis. This means when you pull the front surface open to remove or insert a label, it snaps back tightly...a feature not found on inferior quality data strips.

This "shelftalker" type of data strip differs from our normal flat data strip in that it has a patented gripper running along the top edge of the front surface. This gripper has 2 rows of soft plastic "teeth" that firmly grip a ticket that is pushed up into them. This type of stripping is proving very popular primarily due to it's versatility.


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