? Separator tray 800 x 500mm

? Made from soft EVA material

? Ideal as a "foundation" layer for stacks of firm fruit

? Use on refrigerated shelves, or on sloping bins. On sloping bins, the trays prevent the fruit from rolling off the display

? Long lastiing and easily washable

? 60 contoured cavities each 70mm diameter

A "traditional" way of displaying fruits, for example, is to put them all into a section of a bin. Customers would then fossick through the fruit until finding a satisfactory one. The problem with this is that the constant handling of the fruit can damage it resulting in a typical stock loss shrinkage of around 4 - 5%. Fruit separator trays present the produce in a way that is more visibly advantageous to the customer. They won't have to handle the fruit as much and as well, the presentation is much more appealing than simply putting them in a bin together.

These trays should, under normal circumstances, last for a long period of time but be aware, they are substantially more robust than the cheap, crushable "throw away" separators seen in some displays.

Whilst being slightly more expensive that the rigid plastic separators, the advantage of this type of tray, made from soft EVA material (foam like), is that it gives cushioning for softer fruit and also, it can easily be moulded and cut to suit unusual bin shapes.
Shipping Weight 0.1400kg
Shipping Width 0.025m
Shipping Height 0.800m
Shipping Length 0.480m
Shipping Cubic 0.009600000m3