Display Hooks

At HB Displays, we essentially carry 3 types of display hooks:

- Single prong hooks

- Flipper style hooks
- Fastback hooks

All our hooks have two things in common:
- They all have a high chrome finish (except plastic hooks)
- They are all suitable for use in both pegboard and slatwall.
It’s worth highlighting a few points about each style of hook to help you decide which one will best suit your application….


single prong hook

These are a standard, very traditional style of hook that are widely used where price labelling of a product is not required. Our single prong hooks are available in 4 sizes:

- 100mm
- 150mm
- 200mm
- 250mm

They also come in 2 weights:
- Light duty – made of 4mm steel and an ideal all round hook for most lightweight products.
- Heavy duty – made from 6mm steel and a hook to be used where the products above average in weight. To specify a safe load weight is difficult because a lot depends on the type of board that supports the hook.


flipper hook

These innovatively designed hooks will hold a stock item and also hold a price label above and in front of the item. The hook, in fact, is a combination of two ‘prongs’ one of which holds the stock item. The other hook (the upper one) is terminated with a “T” piece onto which a plastic label holder is clipped. Flipper hooks are available in 4 sizes:

- 75mm
- 150mm
- 250mm
- 300mm

Flipper hooks come in a medium weight that will support most general retail items. They also have a variant which will clip into mesh panels.


Fastback hook

When a display board is densely populated, adjusting traditional hooks and their load can be quite difficult. For this reason Fastback hooks were invented. Fastback hooks have 2 parts:

- the metal, 2 pronged steel hook (same function as our Flipper Hooks)
- the plastic “Fastback” fitting that acts as a connector between the steel hook and the display board.

In normal use the plastic Fastback fitting is seated into the holes on the display board. Once secured, the steel hook is then clipped into the fitting. The advantage of the Fastback is it makes for quick and easy relays or alterations to a display. As with standard Flipper Hooks, Fastbacks only come in a medium weight but this will suffice for a good majority of retail displays. There is also a mesh variant of the Fastback. Finally, the Fastback is available in 2 sizes: 150mm and 250mm.

So, which hook is best for you? Probably the first question you need to ask is do you need to collectively price the items displayed on the hook? If you don’t need pricing, simply use our single pronged hooks. On the other hand, to have a price label on your hook, you’ll need either a Fastback or Flipper Hook. If you have a densely populated display board that requires constant relays, alterations etc, use Fastback hooks, but if not, use the simplicity of our Flipper Hooks.

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