Food Ticket Toppers

Our promotional ticket toppers are small plastic rectangles that saddle the top of any of our food tickets.  They are printed with a bright promotional title in order to draw attention to the ticket and hence, the product on which they sit. The picture below shows the effect a Promotional Topper can have in making a product stand out in a display.

food ticket toppers




Promotional Toppers are suitable for cold areas as well as hot (as long as the ticket doesn't come in direct contact with the heated metal surface). They are simply pushed onto the top of a food ticket as shown below.

food ticket topper special


Toppers are available with a range of promotional titles (SPECIAL, THIS WEEK'S SPECIAL, FRESH etc) as well as descriptions relating to the type of product or it's place of origin … for example; 100% AUSTRALIAN, FULL IMPORTED FROM..., GLUTEN FREE, ORGANICALLY GROWN etc.

In a food display, Promotional Toppers can enhance the look and saleability, of a product as well, they can give important and useful information to your customer.

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