LED Scrolling Message Signs

LED scrolling message signs are fast becoming a recognised tool for use in businesses. Not only are they ideal for advertising in-store promotions, or to attract passing trade, they are a perfect way to announce upcoming events, promote worker safety and health awareness programs or for welcoming VIPs.

LED scrolling message signs produce brilliant messages that cannot be ignored. Hung on a wall, behind a counter or in a window, they attract attention. Indeed MOVEMENT ATTRACTS ATTENTION!

LED signs


In retail, a business owner's greatest challenge is to get the right information into the minds of as many people as possible, as inexpensively as possible.

Businesses spend thousands of dollars in various forms of media to get their message across...print advertising, TV and radio advertising, direct mail etc but now, LED sign prices have dropped to a point where businesses can take control of their own destiny and completely own and control their own method of advertising with a instantly changeable, up to the minute electronic advertising medium advertising to the people at the best possible time … when they are in front of their business.

LED scrolling message signs offer:
• A visually bright, attractive way of conveying a message
 • Easily programmable
• A way to convey clear, concise up-to-date information to customers
• Use very little electricity
• An affordable method of advertising
• An inexpensive way to advertise 24 /7

THE FACTS ON LED'S (Light Emitting Diodes):
• They are cooler than normal lights and generate very little heat
• They are safer. They operate on a very low voltage (3 – 12 volts) which is less than a standard fluoro tube
• They have a typical life span of 100,000 hours (approximately 12 years)
• They are electrically efficient and consume less electricity than standard light sources
• They are brighter than standard light sources and can be effectively seen outdoors (now used in modern traffic lights)

LED sign quality

At HB Displays we have standardised on the handyLED range of scrolling message signs. We have done this because:
• They are Australian made
• They are inexpensive
• They carry a full 12 months warranty
• They are easy to program
• They come with full, local support and backup



handyLED signs are supplied with software that allows programming of the signs. Once installed on your computer you will be able to input up to 16 messages on your sign. This software also allows you to display the way you present your message. For example, the message can be scrolled from right to left or dropped from the top of the sign to the bottom. Once the message, and method of display has been entered, all that's needed to be be done is press SEND and that message will be sent to the sign via a supplied USB cable. Once in the sign, the cable can be disconnected and the sign placed in it's viewing position. To change the message, simply connect the cable and repeat the above processes.

program LED sign


• LED's on the sign are individually equipped with small “sun hats” above each light so that they remain brightly displayed even in sunlight
• The handyLED case is designed with style. It comes in a strong aluminium housing that is finished with a black frost finish and is supplied with a metal chain ready for hanging
• The handyLED memory allows up to 16 messages to be stored. These can be played in a loop or shown individually
• handyLED signs are available in 3 lengths – 1340mm, 1000mm and 680mm
• All cases are 190mm high and 50mm thick and the case itself does not impinge on the LED display area
• Messages can be displayed in either 1 line or 2
• Single line messages can be displayed at a very large 165mm high

Our handyLED signs are available in 5 colours (not all sizes):
• Red
• Blue
• Green
• White
• Yellow

Colour choice is a decision based on price and usage. Prices are market driven with white being the most expensive and red the cheapest. This is so simply because red, being the most popular, is mass produced whilst white is produced on a much smaller scale hence production costs are higher. Having said that, the brightest signs are the white ones so if you're planning to put a sign in a window that has outdoor exposure, white may be your best option. Red is by far the most popular. This may be price driven however it is very visible and very easy to read. Certain locations may demand a specific colour. For example, a green handyLED may be the best choice when advertising specials in a fruit and vegetable store. Yellow and blue, whilst still very readable, may suit somewhere that has subdued lighting such as in a bar or nightclub.



What is supplied with the sign?
Along with the sign itself, also included is an AC adaptor, handyLED software CD plus a USB cable.

What Windows version can I use the software on?
Most popular versions of Windows will accept the handyLED software (XP, V7, Vista etc).

Can I install the software on a Mac?
It's possible but not practical. handyLED comes with a management program for Windows and yes, Windows can be loaded onto Macs via Bootcamp or Virtual Machines but there is no guarantee the software will operate.

Does the handyLED sign have to be connected to my PC all the time?
No. Once a message has been sent to the sign, disconnect the cable.

Will I lose my message if I have a power failure?
No. The handyLED sign has a non-volatile memory meaning if the unit is switched off, the message will not be deleted.

Can I use the handyLED sign outdoors?
This is not recommended. Although the sign itself is very visible outdoors, the casing is not designed to withstand the elements. Talk to us about other options in this regard.

If I have problems with software installation, can I get support?
Yes! We want people to be thoroughly happy with their purchase and if there are issues relating to software, we can offer a telephone support service. If need be, we can even offer remote log in support to deal with any software issues.

LED Light software

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