Melamine Bowls, Trays & Platters

Melamine is essentially a thermosetting plastic resin composed of Alfa cellulose (extracted from timber) and Melamine Crystal. It is a chemical resistant material that has a high tolerance to thermal variations and can withstand temperatures from – 20 degrees C to + 120 degrees Celcius (water boils at 100 degrees Celcius) without warping or blemishing. Melamine is a versatile plastic that can be formed into a limitless variety of beautiful shapes in a range of vivid colours. It has a wide variety of uses in everyday life such as whiteboards, housewares, fire retardant fabrics and of course …. food display items such as ours.


Melamine bowls



It needs to pointed out that there are different grades of melamine. The range of melamine we provide at HB Displays is one of the highest grades of melamine produced. Our melamine is not the type you will find at a “$2 Shop”, it is a 5mm thick, high quality melamine that is suitable for all types of commercial applications in restaurants, hotels, delicatessens and any food presentation situation.

Our melamine is chemical resistant and not easily chipped or scratched. You will find cheaper melamine products but the quality of ours will far surpass these. The thickness of our melamine products, from a practical point of view, means that hot objects in them can safely be put on counters without concern. Also, the surface of the material is such that it can easily be wiped and cleaned ensuring a longevity far beyond cheaper products as well, they are dishwasher safe however they shouldn't be used in a microwave or normal oven due to excessively high temperatures. Another feature of our range is the vividness of the colours... especially the white which is a pure, bright white colour. Finally, the look and feel of melamine are probably the standout features of this beautiful product. Our melamine bowls and platters put simply, look like porcelain. They have a gloss and finish like fine china however they are light in weight making them ideal in food service and display environments.




Leaf bowls



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