Plastic Sign Holder Stands

Our menu and sign holders take a number of different forms from standard acrylic single and double sided units to curved magnet styles and even triangular and wavy shaped ones. The most popular by far are our standard single sided and double sided ones.


Essentially there are 2 types of standard menu / sign holders:

plastic sign holder single sided                           

single sided which look like this:                          And double sided which looks like this:



We carry these holders in 2 grades of acrylic: a heavy duty and a lightweight and the choice of which one best suits your purpose will depend on a number of factors such as use, budget, portability etc. The differences can best be outlined as such:

Heavy Duty Holders - These are Australian made high quality acrylic menu & sign holders. They are manufactured from a thick 3mm clear acrylic and have polished edges and are robust sign holders.
Lightweight Holders - These have the same overall appearance of their heavier duty brothers however they are injection moulded and made from a 1 - 2mm thin (depending on size) Styrene plastic.

Our most popular holders are the heavy duty type rather than the budget lightweight one but every situation is different and if you're not sure, contact us for advice.


These plastic information holders have a myriad of uses. We have restaurants and cafes that use them as table top menu holders. Furniture shops find these the ideal way to stand information sheets on beds, tables etc. Computer and electronics retailers find them an ideal way to display product information about their wares and delis use them extensively as single sided holders to display their specials on refrigerated cabinets. The holders are a great way to hold paper tickets and keep in mind when purchasing, whether you want your ticket is to be viewed from one side or both.

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