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Correct presentation of a product is imperative in today's competitive retail environment. It's imperative for the retailer so they can make increased sales, and it's also essential that the manufacturer / supplier of those products can have their products displayed on retail shelves in a way that best encourages customers to purchase their range.

It's worth keeping in mind a couple of facts regarding customer's buying patterns...facts that show how a customer's attention in store is both malleable and an important determinant of purchase behaviour:

1. The majority of consumer decision making occurs in store. Indeed studies have proved that more than two thirds of buying decisions are made at the point of purchase.

2. Customers show a low level of involvement with most of these in store decisions, making choices very quickly after minimal search and price comparison.

What these two points highlight together, is that simply by increasing the salience of products by better display, will have significant effects on purchase behaviour. Simply by increasing the number of facings on a shelf, or by presenting stock in a clear,organised way, will help to increase unplanned purchases by a customer.

shelf divider


• Maximises product visibility
• Keeps products permanently faced
• Insures coherent presentation
• Increases impulse buying
• Makes for quicker awareness of out of stock items


Our shelf divider system firstly, is one of simplicity. Once a suitable method has been decided upon, it's just a matter of laying down the rails and snapping on the dividers. Rails can be adhesive, magnetic or clip on and the dividers are all made from super tough, clear polycarbonate plastic. Additional accessories such as keeper rods or pushers can also be added to enhance presentation depending on the type of product to be displayed.


Rails – These are the strips that run along the front and back of the shelf on to which the dividers are clipped. They can be adhesive (for glass, metal or wooden shelves), magnetic (for metal shelves) or clip-on (for wire shelves).

Dividers – These clip on to the rail and run from the front to the back of a shelf. These are available in standard shelf sizes and in 2 heights (60 & 120mm).

Pushers – This is a spring loaded device that also clips onto the rails and runs front to back on a shelf. They have a large front plate and a metal coil spring. As an item is taken from the front, the pusher gently propels the stock forward.

Keeper Rod – This is a polycarbonate rod approximately 5mm diameter. This can be put through holes in the front of our dividers to hold back soft packaged items (such as salad bags)

Front Riser – These are “L” shaped extrusions that are a combination rail and stopper. They have a 40mm front riser that helps to hold stock back.

Shelf Stoppers – Clear polycarbonate pieces that can be used to hold stock back if required. They clip on to the front of a divider and are available as either a left, right or middle stopper.


Shelf Type:
Metal Shelves – use either an adhesive or magnetic rail. Adhesive rails are low cost but are permanent. Magnetic rails tend to be more popular as they are very easy to move if required. Keep in mind that in refrigerated units, adhesive is not recommended.
Glass Shelves – Use adhesive rails
Wire Shelves – Use clip-on rails

Shelf Size:
Measure the length (left to right) of your shelf to determine what size rail to use. Shelves tend to be either 914mm (3 feet) or 1200mm (4 feet) in length (or multiples thereof) and our rails are available in these two sizes. If your shelf length differs to his, the rails can be easily cut to size with a blade or scissors.

Shelf Depth:
Dividers are available in the following lengths:
• 285mm
• 335mm
• 385mm
• 435mm
• 485mm
• 585mm
Again, most shelves tend to fall into one of these sizes however keep in mind that divider length doesn't have to match exactly the shelf depth. For example, a 300mm shelf would use a 285mm divider. A 600mm shelf uses a 585mm divider and so on.

Divider Height:
The size of the product to be merchandised will generally determine the height of divider required. Our dividers are all available in 2 heights – 60 and 120mm in all the lengths mentioned previously. If you're, for example, wishing to merchandise small boxes of toothpaste or cosmetic, a 60mm divider will suffice, whereas large cereal boxes, for example, would require a 120mm high divider.

Keeper Rods:
These are particularly useful when merchandising soft packs of goods such as salad bags, potato chips and the like. These work very effectively and will maintain the stock in an upright position.

Also a useful item when you want your products kept at the front of the display even when a shelf is not full. Our pusher is unique in that it is 485mm long but has “snap off points” whereby you can adjust it to whatever length you need by snapping it off at the desired point. When in use, a customer will remove the front item and immediately all the other following products will be gently pushed to the front.

Shelf Stoppers:
May be needed for extra support of products in a divider.

As previously mentioned, use of shelf dividers is a great way to present shelf items in a neat, coherent way. The system we endorse and carry is very simple to install and maintain and if you need any further assistance in designing your system, and which components to choose, please contact us and we'd be more than happy to help.

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